Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Long time no bloggie

Happy freaking Tuesday....Can you even believe it is July 10!!!  Let me tell you time is flying by...we have lived in our house for nearly 4 months...that's a weird thought.  Anyway the last 3 weeks has been totally cray cray so I'm gonna recap as fast as possible. 

Summer soccer season is almost as bad as actual soccer season..busy...busy...and busy.  Its really fun for those who don't coach soccer (aka me) but who's partner does (again...aka me).  My super sister came into town to coach soccer camp with Becky and we had a mucho good time.  Found a bar that was shocking and a blast!!! 

                                           Here is my sister and I...just hanging out watching soccer!!!

                                            Here is Becky getting her coaching on!!

Before soccer camp was even over I headed to Dallas Texas!!!!  Y'all there was a wedding and hello it was UH-MAY-ZIING!!!  My sweet little sister (not by blood) Jackie got married to her long time boyfriend Ben.  It was gorgeous!  She was gorgeous!!!  The wedding was held at the Crescent Hotel in Downtown Dallas with breathtaking views of the city..the reception was equally as awesome with a cocktail hour and then lunch  and dancing!!!  Here are some sweet pics of that adventure!

  Me and Sue!  Mother of the Bride and the most bad ass lady you will ever meet!!!
                                                         The lovely Couple!  Jackie & Ben!!!!
                                         My little bro Dylan!  He was handsome in his lil suit!

I spent a ton of time with my mother...she wont have any pictures on the blog as she tries to steer clear of photos...hahahhaa  I'll sneak one someday!!!

So the wedding wrapped up a wonderful weekend in Dallas...man its hotter than crap there.  I DO NOT remember it being that hot when I lived there, and I am also confident that if it was that hot I would not have played soccer and would have stuck to something indoors...

Leaving Texas this time was harder than last month.  I really miss it. I miss the people, the diversity, the heat, pool parties, shopping, dining, everything...I miss everything.  For the 1st time in 2 1/2 years I actually miss it.  I guess I will just have to bring a little more fun to Utah...Texas Style YALL!

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