Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vent sesh

This will be quick but I want to vent really quick....
 You know when you see a homeless man on the corner asking for money and you just kind of stare to the side of them so you don't make eye contact?
They know that you know that they know that you know they are there?
Well this lady (that think her shit doesn't stink) did that shit to me today!!!!!  So I stopped my car as I was turning and our windows met I honked and waved...
Then she finally whipped her head around like she was "shocked" and gave a quick wave and a smile and drove off.
And all I could think was "...look bitch....I'm about to go on a Disney Princess cruise don't make me fight you for ruining my day"
Sometimes people are dicks.

Seriously Slacking and A Happy Thursday to you!

Ever feel like the amount of stuff on your "to - do" list exceeds the amount of time you are capable of being awake?  Yeah me too.  I won't even bore you with the details...wait...who am I kidding?  Okay so last night I tried on all of my clothes I am bringing with me on the cruise (that I leave for in exactly 1 day and 15 hours) and it was mostly depressing but the mode was lifted when Becky told me "Don't worry i think you are doing so good and looking better so just don't get discouraged"  She's right...and she is awesome.  Moving right along

Clean house
Make sweet potato casserole
Make green bean casserole (Gourmet Gibbs)
Do laundry
Pack for a 8 day cruise
Go to a Christmas dinner @ Liz&Adams
Workout x's 3
Tan x's 2
Liquor store
Grocery store
Gymnastics meet
Shoe Shopping
Work 16 hours
 Christmas decorations

All in 1 day and 15 hours. 

I am sure it doesn't seem like much to all you busy ass mom's taking care of kids, working, cooking, cleaning...etc etc etc but for schedule is a mess.

**sidebar: I get off work at 5pm and the sweet potato thing takes 2 hours to make and dinner is at 6....hmmmm that will be interesting**

A few things I am looking forward to though...I am hooking up with some of my favorite instagram and blogging folks for:
#merryplanksmas (plank a day until Christmas)
#operationredbikini (brought to you by Kassie who is totally cute and a great blogger) 
#squatathon (Check Lora's blog out...a.w.e.s.o.m.e.)
#halftraining (Rock n Roll Dallas Half)

I have a lot of work to do but I AM SO THRILLED!!!!
I'm probably going to get this shirt

Last weekend I went to Salt Lake City for my sister in laws baby boy will be here before we know it. Ahhhhh!!!!

Picture above is Me and Preggo adorable Kate (top right) My cousin Malorie and her kids(bottom right)!! SO SO SO SO ADORABLE!!! And of course the Disney Cruise countdown:) waahoooo!!!

And i will be in Dallas over Christmas Break for 11 days!!!!!  Whoooop!

And HOLY HELL STOP THE PRESS!!!!  As I was writing this crappy blog post I got my cruise itinerary...ahem..yeah I'm having a Disney Prince and Princess Dinner!!!!!!  It's formal attire...ummm I don't have formal BUT I am going to cry I am almost positive!!!!!
Here is the boat!!!


I LOVE DISNEY PRINCESSES! (and I will probably dress up as one on the cruise)

I know I am all over the place but as you can see my brain is in a scramble!

Also can I shout out really quick to Elle Noel and Mel @ 4Kottez  You girls really keep me going everyday!  Your motivating pictures and positive encouragement mean the world to me and I am so glad I stalk you we are "friends" :) hahahahaha love ya!

Love you all to pieces and thanks for dealing with my rambling!!!   

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Driving Miss Daisy in a Minivan

Wow...can I just say that I left for California a week ago, got back on Sunday night and I am still tired!!!!  How is this even possible?


I will never drive to San Diego again.  Even though it is only 8 hours I don't care.  Driving sucks.  Delta is my friend and I like flying with friends.

Becky was very excited about our rental.  She LOVES minivans
Wednesday: Okay we arrived in San Diego around 11pm, checked into our friend Marriott, and crashed on impact.  Oh yeah...It took 2 bellhop carts to get our crap in the room, and nevermind that it was just Becky and I...2 girls and one of us is so teeny that she is like half a person, and since you know I am on a weight loss adventure we can go ahead and assume I am not talking about me.

Thursday: We woke up to go for a run on the beach, as we were getting ready I got side tracked by the parade.  As I was standing DIRECTLY infront of the TV smiling with a sparkle in my eye LIKE A TOTAL IDIOT Becky just stared at me asking several times "ummm do you want to go?"  I wanted to respond "Does it look like I want to go?" but i didn't want my smart mouth to ruin Thanksgiving so I just whipped my head around, blinked a couple of times with a blank stare, turned back to the TV and continued smiling.  Finally we left and went running, then running took a little longer than we planned and we rushed back to the hotel to rinse and change because we were headed to Oceanside to see Grandpa Max, Uncle Brian and Uncle Scott (aka Gourmet Gibbs) to play a quickie round of golf, helped a little with the creation of the Green Bean yummmm-o casserole, and then we were off to the hotel to get ready for the dinner.  It was a blast!!!!! And if you follow me on any social networking site you probably saw that Uncle Scott beat me in a Gobble off...and I am totally okay with it because he is a major bad ass.

Bunch of Pics of our fun run!
On our way to dinner
A combo of pics from golfing with the boys and helping cook

Cocktails on the deck before dinner...they are silly

With our prizes from the Gobble off!

Black Friday Awesome Mistake: After a couple of bottles of Champagne, a couple of bottles of wine, and some food we set off back to the hotel...and then we spotted a "Best Buy" sign lit up so we thought...meh we want a new TV, we drove so we could get a new TV....and a new TV was what we got.  It's bigger than our old house.  We sat in line for 2 hours outside, stood in another line inside for 2 hours, and finally got the TV and got back to the hotel at 2:30am.  NEVER. AGAIN.  I love shopping yall, but I hated shopping after that.  *I sat and wept a little and then wanted to comfort myself with a chocolate shake*
Took a freezing booze nap in Best Buy line waiting for our big ol TV.  Now the room doesn't look so giant

Friday: Becky worked at 7:30am - 9:00pm and I watched TV and bought some Legos.

Saturday: Becky worked from 7:30am -10:00pm, I went for a run, went to the hospital to see my friend who had a Lupus flair up, went and saw my God Son, drove Becky to a couple of different fields, (I was driving Miss Daisy all mother effin weekend), drove a ways to pick up Liz (yes my friend Liz from Utah) so we could FINALLY have a drink and some Mexican food (we only ate chips and salsa but whatever), got back to the hotel at about 11:30pm.

Sunday: Took Becky to the soccer fields at 7:30am and went back to the hotel to pack our room and our car. NEVER.AGAIN.  I will straight up pay the bell hop to do that shit next time I have to do it alone.  Went and picked up Becky and then went to my friend Stephanie's house so Becky could meet Stephanie and Sean.  (Stephanie is my long time friend of almost 30 years) Then we left.

I drove. Becky slept.  (every time I drive she sleeps but when she drives I stay awake and chat with her so she doesn't get sleepy) Grrrrrrrrrr.  So I found a comedy channel on Pandora and listened to it for 8 hours.  Go. Now. Download it.  HILARIOUSNESS ON HIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH! (insert singing voice here)

I'm still tired.

The End.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Trot Link Up Bloggie Style

What uuuuuuuup!  Today is my Friday at work YAY! I'll be super busy until I get in the car tomorrow to head to, running, getting things ready for the dog sitter, and talking to my dogs about behaving while mommies are gone.  

But for now...

Okay so as you know I am Rookie-of-the-Year and so instead of doing a vlog like others (I look like shit today) I'm blogging my answers...

Questions and Answers:

1. What do you look forward to more: the food, football or parades?
~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Macy's Day Parade and some day I will get to go.  My family lives in New York and so naturally I have been obsessed with all things New York my entire life.  So...yeah...parade.

2. What is your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving Day dish? 
~ Okay last year the entire state of California was out of green beans and my Uncle Scott was supposed to make his amazing green bean casserole...but he switched it all up on us and made a wasabi and asparagus casserole and for real dog it was delish.  He also runs a food blog and everything in it is YUMMMMMM-Y  go check him out Gourmet Gibbs (click here)

3. After dinner, is it football or a nap?
~Well how we roll in our family is booze, booze, more booze...turkey...get a cab home.  So after dinner it's more like "pass out"

4. Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Which is your favorite float?
YES!!  Macys Day Parade = bombtastic!  I have a couple of favorite floats...Snoopy, Mickey, Rockettes, and Santa...ahhhhh I'm so excited already!

5. Where do you go to celebrate and eat your big meal? Who is there (family, friends)?
~Well Becky and I go to San Diego for Thanksgiving.  Our Aunt Terry and Uncle Tom host an awesome dinner...its all fancy with name cards and you can't sit next to the person you came Max, Uncle Scott, Uncle Brian, Mom, Dad, and some family children allowed.  The food is amazing, the conversations are always a good time and there is always plenty of booze.  Last year our Uncle Brian and Dad Scott for some reason went into a musical montage and something about Jesus Christ Superstar was going on....loud ass singing...yes this was at my table and I like to think I had something to do with the awesomeness that happens at my table every year.  The year before a "friend" of the family called our Uncle an asshole as she was sauced-out-of-her-mind and then poked him. It was uh-may-ziiing! Only because it was my first Thanksgiving with the family and I had the hot mess at my table and left Thanksgiving dinner looking like an Angel!!!!!  *high fives all around* 

6. What is your favorite turkey day dessert? 
~Uncle Brian is in charge of desserts.  He makes Cheesecakes...homemade and delish!  I am looking forward to the yumminess that will explode in my mouth:)  (hold back on the jokes....hold back....)

Anyway that's about it....Love you all out there ... Have a good Thanksgiving and stay safe!

Follow my California adventures on Instragram (treygay11) and on Twitter (@treygay)

Gobble that shit up!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Information barf!!!!

First and foremost Happy Monday!!!!!!!  Actually scratch that...Mondays suck.  Happy Thanksgiving week!!!!!  There is so much information to spit out and I am too excited to concentrate...

A) Had a Twilight marathon at my house this weekend with mi amiga Liz and on Sunday for breakfast we had Edward we went and watched Breaking Dawn 2.  It. Was. Amazeballs.  Liz drooled over Jacob's abs and I spent a significant amount of time wondering where Kristen Stewart got her eyelash extensions done because they looked...WOW.

B) I am down 2 lbs from last week! What What holla! *throws head back "yeeeow"

C) I got some great deals on clothes this weekend, but I am mostly excited about my new shoes...Mizuno Wave Riders!  Hello when I tried them on in the store IT.WAS.MAGICAL. and then I ran around Dick's like a looney...but I don't cuuuuuuuur.

Top left: Awesome Tea cup, Top right : Me, Liz, Bella, Edward and Jacob (I look a little rough) and Bottom: My new Mizunos...thumbs up bro
D) We are leaving for California on Wednesday for the weekend!!!  We have family dinner at Uncle Tom & Aunt Terry's house which will be so much fun...they know how to host and never disappoint.  Great food, great wine, and tons o fun people!  Becky will be working Fri-Sun so thats the point where I get to go explore SOLO-RIDA style.  I plan on doing some beach runs, margarita drinking and pedicure happenings...follow me on instagram because I know you want to stalk me are curious about my rand-O life.

E) BTW this is the best part of my life to date week thus far.  Let me start by saying a few things.  You might believe in God, Budda, Joseph Smith, Hello Kitty, GI Joe, or maybe nothing...but when the stars start to line up and things fall into is a strange funny exciting feeling.  The story goes like this...I LOVE DISNEY WORLD.  I mostly love all things Disney because I am a princess and I love sparkles (yes I am 32 no I don't care what you think).  So I started running and got in my mind I wanted to do a half and really started working on it.  I selected the Disney Princess 1/2 because for years and years every month I would look at my Runner's World magazine and see people running looking like princesses and shit...and I always wanted to do that.  So I went to the website to sign up (months ago) and it was SOLD OUT!!! I cried.  (yes I am 32 no I don't care what you think) Then I watched the highlight video and I was crying because it was such a happy video...and then I giggled because my friend Natalie used to carry her Disney entrance ticket in her wallet (yes we were in college no she doesn't care what you think either) and she used to tear up talking about Disney and how it was the Happiest Place on Earth (please ask any of our friends this is all true)  Anyway...I also wanted to go on a Caribbean vacation over Christmas with my lady friend Becky because we NEVER just go on a vacation that is just us...for fun.  It's always soccer or family and guaranteed mega stressful.  I am leaving out some important information about Natalie **she is also an inspiration for my Success class I teach and I tell her story every Monday to new students so I will also tell you in another blog post because her story is super worth it and we go way back and I love her** Natalie is a DJ on the radio in Tulsa...for a morning show (she is like famous pretty much...and she is my friend...waaaahoooo)  This morning I got out the shower and looked at my phone "Text message from Natalie" and I got really nervous because it was kind of I started sweating and read the message (btw we call each other stinky...its a long story and has to do with a babysitting gig we had in college)"Hi Stink.  Would you be interested in going on a free Disney cruise?"  MOTHER FUCKER WHAT?????!!!!!!!!  *bow chika wow wow* ---->>>> happy dance happy dance shimmy shimmy shake.  High kick and spin...into a right herkie, left herkie, front hurdler, clap clap, upper V, back tuck!  ***all in my bathroom by the way***
Nat hanging with some friends...aka Lady Antebellum

Compliments of K95 Tulsa (click here)
And please look up Cash & Carey (click here) I will write an entire blog post just about Natalie someday...but for now just check her out on the interwebs!

So I am beyond excited OBVI!!  I basically won a they are giving a trip away:)

Planning on a link up tomorrow with the gorgeous Melanie at 4Kottez Runs IT (click here)

And for all you veteran smarty bloggie people I know...I am very sorry for the amateur hour that is happening with my day I will hire someone to make my blog awesome...or blawesome...hahaha  okay sorry I'm hungry...

Ciao Bella

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zumba Sucks and Shit Just Got Real

Why hello kittens and butterflies...I realize I have not written a post since my 10k throw down but a girl is busy...I promise I will start doing more blogs (bi-weekly or day to day ramblings I haven't decided) Who am I to deprive you of my spastic chatter??

Okay lets start off with a little shake your bon bon.  I have done Zumba before and I LOVED IT.  But it was mostly because the place I went to rocked your mother effin face right the hell off.  Carroll and her wizardy ways at James Barret Pilates and Cycling(click here) studio was so amaze I literally drool over it.  Spin class with inappropriate conversations, Yoga on the deck with mimosas (or coffee if you like non alchy bevvies while working out), and of course ZUMBA...where we would all wear wrap around skirts that jingled to distract us from the ass whoopin' that was about to commence.  It was like my own little slice of fun filled gossipy country club heaven disguised as a gym.  And then it happened...we moved. UGH UGH UGH UGH and I had to go to Gold's Gym...bleck! (I hope you can hear the disdain in my voice for the most disgusting and idiotic gym on the planet...however I need to get my fitness on so I have no choice)  My friend Liz and I have been going for a few weeks now getting our treadmill action on and working it on the row machine and stairmaster etc...but we decided that we need to start trying some classes. Liz has never tried Zumba and I...well...LOVED it so we decided to go.

BIG BIG MISTAKE....BIG. (insert Julia Roberts walking out of the boutique on Rodeo Dr here)

The class was packed and we thought "sweet we can just kick it in the back, learn some dance moves, get our sweat on, and get the hell outta here" Let me tell you...we will NEVER go back.  It sucked. Each song had about 35 dance moves and the instructor whispered to us and would only demonstrate like 1 move...HELLO!!!!  What about the rest?  Liz and I were having eyeball conversations the whole time laughing our asses off(I wish I had a video of this situation)...I didn't sweat a drop and I think the only reason Liz sweat at all was because she was standing underneath the heater.  The instructor was maybe 19 years old wearing some ridiculously slutty sweat suit and a pair of Nikes from 1989 (I had the same pair the first year I played basketball) The whole time she was dancing I kept thinking "I haven't seen one actual Zumba move this entire class"  There was a lot of boobie popping booty shaking duck lip in the mirror action happening.  HELLO I WANTED TO ZUMBA NOT LEARN HOW TO BE A TEENAGE STRIPPER!!!!
 You get the bullshit

Moving on to things that are actually bad ass and I'm super excited about...went ahead and completed the ol registration on the Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon(click here)  My best friend Suzzie and I are going to do this shit up riiiiiiight....and by "doing it right" I mean crawl across cross the finish line, have a beer, take an ice bath, and then run the shit out of the town and get our party on continue the recovery.

At any rate the training process started 5 weeks ago, I have lost 7 lbs, I have 18 weeks of training left and my friend Liz and I will be running in a half marathon in February (I hope) exactly 1 month before the Dallas race.

So yeah...Shit just got real...Confirmation Code: B-A-D-A-S-S-11

I also try to preplan blog posting but its just not happening...the second I try to make a list to plan what I talk about my mind draws a you will continue to get the unfiltered bullshit that falls from my cabeza (that's head for those of you who are not bilingual like me) 

Laters Baby

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10k Slam Dunk City - Michael Jordan Style

Sorry i should have wrapped this up yesterday but I was busy looking at flight combinations for Thanksgiving.  Seriously I should have bought a ticket last week but I didn't and now they are $100 more expensive...#Sandy's fault.

BTW ***shout out to my East Coast family*** (i could go into a serious rap session right now)  My fam on the East Coast got mega slammed and I am so so sad for them.  But come on y'all they are New Yorkers...New Yorkers get shit done and they aren't scared of anything. There was an evac order and my peeps just chilled and gave Sandy the finger.  HA!  Love them.  If you can PLEASE donate to the Red Cross, and also check on Facebook for a group called Rockaway Relief (click here)  they are out there hustling and can get you any information you need so you can help too. Below are pictures my cousin Colin took.
Rockaway beach *photo credit Colin feeney
Rockaway *personal photo from Colin Feeney
*personal photo from Colin Feeney

Anyway back to my tiny rant about Thanksgiving and ticket prices...oh and the lack of a dog sitter.  This means that the possibility of me being alone with 3 dogs for Thanksgiving this year is about 85%.  If this does in fact happen I will have to figure out how to make the most of it by consulting my friend pinterest.  Maybe I will come out with some bad ass recipes and DIY work.

I can total cook this up!

As you know I randomly decided I was going to run in a 10k even though I was sure I was not prepared.  It was one of those arguments I always have with myself that goes like this "I want to (insert here)" and then I do NOTHING.  So I want to lose nothing.  I want to run a nothing.  I want to hang decorations in the nothing.  You get the idea.  Well at some point in the last couple of months I guess I was sick of doing nothing.  Mostly because the people closest to me have become pretty verbal about my "doing nothing" ... it is not only  "I am capable of this" self chatter, but it is also a "eat shit"  "watch me" moment to everyone else.

**drum roll please**

I slam dunked that 10k like it was a full time job! 


My race day started like this:
5:45 - wake up and get ready
6:00 - eat breakfast
6:30 drink coffee, hope for a #2, leave to drive to Zion
7:30 - arrive at Zion, get race packet
7:45-9am look through race packet, people watch, freak out about people I'm watching because they are wearing running skirts/tights, get nervous, almost drive away, see someone I know, go potty, stand around the starting line area...all while having inner monologue that went like this "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING???? GO HOME!!!!!!"
 9:00 - race begins...sigh this isnt so bad

Let me tell you!  The course was mostly flat, some down hill spots and some uphill spots...but 100% beautiful.  After mile 1 was confused because it went by pretty quickly (thank you scenery) and thought "hmmm not bad" Mile 2 was a little harder ... people would pass me and I would pass other people (every time I passed someone I said "kill" in my head ... ya know like real runners do) then right at mile 3 we were running down this street to cross a bridge and go "off road" I see the MOST AMAZEBALLS THING EVER!!! A guy sitting in a camping chair in his driveway...he has a table laid out with a box of donuts, a bottle of jack, a miller light, and an AMP.  It was as if some higher power was calling out to me, this man wearing a camo ball cap was a gift to me with all of my favorite things (and trust me if I was into dudes I would have stopped running immediately and married him) but instead of enjoying the bliss that would be donuts and Jack Daniels for breakfast I kept on truckin'. Crossed a nice little bridge, took a gross picture of myself, got to the aid station at 3.1 miles drank some water and took off again.  At this point I had to stop and take my jacket off because I was getting warm...I was so mad at myself for leaving the aid station before removal of the jacket because it was bugging me for the next 3.1 miles.
Some of my journey

Mile 4 came and went, and I spotted "grey tank top" I wanted to pass her so bad....I knew it couldn't be done because she was too far, but for the rest of the race I kept her in my sight....I couldn't lose "grey tank top"(...also wearing stretchy pants and hot pink shoes).  I would take pics as I ran, sing along with my awesomesauce playlist and happened.  Somewhere around mile 5 I forgot what I was doing...autopilot/runners high...whatever the hell its called.  It was bliss.  Total bliss.  The second I realized what I was doing I just kept saying "holy shit I'm a runner" "OMFG I can't believe I'm a freaking runner" "this is so awesome I'm a runner bitches"  things of that sort.

I looked at the ol' Garmin and saw 5.65 and COULD.NOT.BELIEVE I was so close to being done.  Then I see people running towards me and I said "you guys running back...high five" put my hand up and they totally dissed me...jerks.  The the girl yelled back "we can't find the finish line" and I thought "wow you are stupid my watch says its in .5 miles".  And my watch was correctomundo!!!  I rounded the mountain corner and BOOM there she was...***Inner monologue***  Holy Mother of Chocolate Chip Cookies I can see it!!!  I am so close, I looked at my watch 1:06....I have 6 minutes to get there to beat the time I set of 1:12.  Holy shit I'm closer than I thought....1:07.......OMG OMG OMG KELLY CLARKSON!!!!!!! 1:08...tears welled up in my eyeballs...shit don't cry you will trip because you can't see!!!!  I crossed the finish line at 1:09.  I was so happy I could not stop smiling.  I pretended I had fans cheering for me holding up signs with fun sayings about how awesome I know the usual.  Then I realized I was all by myself and went to get a water and a banana. *shrugs shoulders* whatever...don't steal my thunder.

My journey has just begun and it is already so amazing.
Set a goal...make it real...and go out there and BLOW THAT SHIT UP!

Laters Baby;)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I can't even deal right now.

Seriously people.  November 1st????  I can't even function right now with how fast this year has blown by.  I moved to Utah in March and I feel like I still have boxes to unpack and things to hang up in my house...ummm I'm sorry what?  Yeah I actually do still have boxes to unpack. Ugh how annoying. Before I get to the part where I complain about how much crap is going down this month(maybe I won't complain at all) I'm gonna hook you up with some sweet pics from last night's Epic Halloween Party 2012 ( 4 adults and 3 dogs...don't tell me we don't know how to have a good time!)
Becky and I at the beginning of the night and at the end. (please note pumpkins in background that didn't get carved...lazy bitches)

JoJo wearing a hamburger costume that his Aunt Liz gave him.  Hello cute bundle of scrumping love.

App & Dinner. Baked Brie with Cranberry Chutney and stuffed acorn squash.  Yumm-baba-lou!

And the highlight of the evening...Adam a& Liz...HOT MESS CENTRAL STATION.

Pretty much its the 4 of us all the time since we are still working on making friends in this weird ass place. BUT.WE.ARE.AMAZING. 

Last weekend Liz and I ran walk/jogged in a 5k.  First of all the description sounded so fun "come support no-kill animal shelters in Utah" blah blah "wear a costume it will be fun" hmmm "you can skip or jog or walk or bring your dog"  They made sound so fun and cutesie (so naturally Liz and I were thinking two things: HELL YEAH!! Animal loving tree hugger liberal cause & costumes.) #BOOM.  ****screeeeeeeeeech**** wrong.  This fucking "sweet little 5k supporting animals" was accidentally THE HARDEST 5K IN THE STATE OF UTAH for real.  It started at the top of a mountain...then the 1st half dropped 1500 ft in elevation and the last 1.5 miles you got to enjoy that 1500ft elevation THE OTHER WAY. Mmmmhmmm you heard me right...a 1500 ft climb. Straight. Up. The. Mother. Effing. Mountain.  Let me tell you that shit isn't cute when you are 30 lbs over weight. I wanted to die. I still might be sore.  Whatevs here are some photos...we are cute:)

Post race me and Liz.

Pre-race gang of 20 or so

Pre/during/post race.  we rock.
  Anyway there are a lot of people out there in bloggerville that have a ton of stuff to do this November and on top of that they are doing fun challenges.  I'm going to go ahead and participate in the POTM (Pile on the Miles) 2012 with my bloggie friend Melanie at 4Kottez (click here)She has a ton and a half going on this month but is committing to 75 miles to be logged with her running shoes and I'm going to jump on that train **choo choo**.

In addition to that Challenge I might come up with a sweet week by week challenge for myself to do this month.  Check-in on Mondays and give the new 7 day surprise and rock the shit out of November...and maybe drop some lbs while I'm at it.  **If you are doing a challenge tell me about it maybe I'll join you**  I went back to my fitness pal lets hope that bitch of an app helps this time around ... and I have been chewing on Shakeology for a while now but can't decide if it is a good fit for this fat girl.  Any suggestions are appreciated!! 

Oh yeah and I don't mean to drop this bomb but I decided I'll be running The Butch Cassidy 10k(click here) this weekend...yeah totally not sure if I'm ready but I totally want to do it.  I'll update you on that one as soon as I can. HAHAHAHAHA!

Happy November!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Who the eff you think you effin with, I'm the effin boss...I cut em wide I cut em long I cut em fat...WHAT!

Wait ... what? Geezus you are right that is too much on a Tuesday morning at 9am. *yawn* I realize I haven't written a post in almost 2 weeks but seriously give a sista a break I'M BUSY!  My buddies Liz and Jason (and myself) decided last minute we were going to stalk follow our favorite soccer team to Colorado for about 24 hours and cheer them on.  It was so fun and amazing!!!  The girls played so great, we were loud and cheering our freaking faces off, and they tied!!!  YAY!  They played one of the best teams in the conference and SUU is the only team who walked away from Northern Colorado with something other than a know that's right what what in the butt we are amaze! Photo documentation below thankyouverymucho.

We are currently at a countdown to the Halloween Hustle 5k...T minus 5 days *gasp*.  Holy Helen.  I can't decide which part I am concentrating on outfit or not walking at all.  I mean lets be honest it's not like I'm going to win so I might as well have a fun costume.  Am I right or am I right?  Mi amigo Liz and I are making our outfits.  We are pretty bored housewives so it makes sense.  We were also thinking of giving cupcake creations/decorating a whirl...I'm 150% positive that will be a post all by itself. Tutus for costume in construction.

My motivation is slipping away.  And actually I am unsure that it is slipping away but more like I forget how important it is to me to lose weight.  Everyday is a battle...(B7...MISS!!! Did anyone get that reference? No...okay we will continue)  I have decided along with my daily blog updates that keep me motivated I am going to make a word/picture collage to help my process.  Today i watched a really cool video on the Thunderbird Soccer blog (click here) and I was inspired.  Goosebumps and everything!!!  I need to remember why I am trying and why I need to continue to work hard.  I want to be better.  Here is family is amazing!  I want to be better for them.

We are also in countdown central for wrapping up soccer season.  I cannot even believe it. 1 game left!! We had a BBQ Friday after the game, hosted dinner Saturday for parents and players (totally forgot to snap any photos because I WAS BUSY), and coming up Senior dinner, Senior Day, end of season banquet, and who knows what else will need to happen in the next 2 weeks.  Just when we thought we were going to get a break guess again...full court press on recruiting, ODP games, camps, clinics, traveling nonstop...I'm already tired thinking about it...HOWEVER it will leave my schedule wide open to stay on track for the skinny train (toot toot).

I'm also going to start reading Bossypants by Tina Fey to channel my girl power a little.  I'm applying for a new job that I really really really want!  

If you follow me on twitter (@treygay) or instagram(treygay11) it's possible you have already peeped these pics.

Have a Happy Tuesday!!!

Laters baby....

Friday, October 5, 2012

Random and a little stalker-esque

Here we are October workout today is supposed to be cross train for 30 minutes...easy enough and a 4 mile run tomorrow morning.  Yowza!!  Becky and I have family coming in town all weekend and my usual M.O. is to wake up, play with kids, make pancakes or something fatty similar, relax and have fun.  This workouts are a priority:)  YAY!!!

Before I move on and ramble any further let me just tell you about my run on day numero tres (that is number 3 for those of you who are not as exceptionally bilingual as yours snaptastic maybe I'm trilingual)  By now everyone in the world has probably heard of CrossFit (click here)...they have an annual competition where teams and individuals from ALL OVER EARTH compete to see who is "The Fittest in the World".  It's totally cray cray.  Last year Becky and I went to watch the regional competition that leads up to the "actual" show down.  **rando thought: I love doing Crossfit and it is way way fun and challenging, but I am nowhere even close to being in the same universe as some of these people. They are actually SUPER HUMAN LEGITZVILLE CITIZENS**  Okay back to the point.  So we have friends in Salt Lake City who own Ute CrossFit (click here) Bobbie and Tommy are so hard core that I kinda want their autographs.  Just Sayin.  Ute had a team (of 6 people) that went to the Crossfit Games....and these fools WON the show.  Not only did they win, they owned it, slapped it's ass, tied it up and killed it.

I watched it on tv while eating candy ... fuck I'm lazy.

Here is Hacks Packs.  The fittest in THE WORLD!!!

Hacks Pack...what do you even say about their awesomeness?  They are regular people with a lot of shit to do...on top of already being busy having lives, families, jobs etc they also made time to train.  So what's my excuse?  I just want to lose a few ell bees.  These folks right here...I mean I am lits with out words.  They are awe-inspiring.  You get the mother effing point, right?

Well 2 of the people on this team live here in Cedar City (yep we have famous people up in hurra)  1- Michael Cazayoux: strength trainer and bad ass mofo.  I was so pumped the day I got to meet him.  He probably thought I was a fucking hot mess.  Meh who cares right?  I am a hot mess:)  and 2- Erin Bennion: Nurse, mom of 3, wife.  Damn.  I haven't met her yet but I can't wait to meet her.

Now insert stalker-esque situation (I swear I'm not really a stalker...I just am really good at research) I know what car Erin drives because she has a Ute Crossfit sticker on the window **insert stalker music **

Here is the story (owie I am a cramp in my hand from typing!!!) I went running on my 3 miler and I was going on my usual beginning route.  All of a sudden I see a car donning the amazeballs Ute Crossfit sticker.  A second before I saw the sticker I thought "self we are fucking tired let's walk" BUT then the sticker showed up.  It was like a sign....from Bobbie or Tommy, or Michael, or T-Rich, or Erin, or Adrian, or Mary, or Booty, or Becky, or Mandi, or Liv...I mean lets be serious my list of awesome Ute Crossfitter friends (and not yet friends) is long and distinguished (like my Johnson...Top Gun anyone?).  As I was running....tired....wanting to stop...gasping for air(only bc I'm a heavy hippo) I suddenly got a power surge.  A surge to not stop and to just keep going.  Mostly because I didn't want one of the WORLD'S FITTEST PEOPLE to see me walking (even though she doesn't know me and probably wouldn't have noticed) but on the off chance she looked in her rear view mirror and saw a short chubby girl running she would have maybe said "good for her".

So I ran. And I finished. I only stopped 1 time!  That is such a big deal for me, and at one point I was running I couldn't believe I hadn't walked yet.  I went 1.32 miles before I walked, and when my watch said 1.37 I started running again. 

That is my direct motivation from a seriously indirect source. And maybe one day I will get to do a Crossfit workout with 1 or 2 of the World's Fittest.

What makes you stronger?


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 days of October...why not

I simply have nothing else to do that is important.  So here we are in October and yesterday was Day 1!  I have decided that I am throwing the gauntlet down on this month and I'm going get myself well acquainted with my willpower.

People do challenges all the time and it seems to work for some people (please let me be some people).  I have the long"er" term goals (like the halfie with my bestie in March, bathing suit by Christmas, the ability to wear cute snow clothes) and I am constantly looking for motivation and I am constantly falling off the wagon for whatever reason (mostly when I go out of town and eat like a 400lb man).  Nevertheless I am going to prove to myself that I can smack October's ass and own it Christian Grey style.

***sidebar*** I am surrounded by awesome people and awesome talent...some of this talent is in the form of 18-22 year old college soccer players (whom I adore as if they were my little sisters) and I think they are reaching this mental block of sorts...struggling to win, struggling to want to win, struggling to be better, struggling to believe in themselves.  So maybe if I can do something hard and win...they will see that they can do anything.  Meh whatever I'm probably smoking the reefer making shit up and they are probably fine.  I LOVE over analyzing situations.  ANYWHOOOOO
Day 1 ... not so much my bitch but more of a friend I drink tea with

Here is my Plan:
Workout for 31 days straight
On every 7th day rock hard and do a 2-a-day
Only be a booze hound 2 days a week instead of 7 days a week
Craft up some halloween shit
Watch a scary movie during the day
Put eye cream on my wrinkles every night
(its a start)

Peace and grease respect concrete