Monday, June 18, 2012

My face in a book...

Man I haven't posted in over a week...whoopsie.  Things have been cray cray for real.  I went to a work conference last weekend and when I got back I spent the rest of the weekend reading all 3 books in the "Fifty Shades..." series.  Holy hell.  Let me tell you if you have NOT read them: stop everything this minute and either get your ass to a book store or download them on your favorite digital device.  Not only it is ...ummm...extremely naughty (and we all have an inner goddess that is thinking/doing all of these things) but it is also super funny, intense, and a total mind fuck!.  I LOVE IT! So I'm reading them again.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Seriously the shit is legit....and I may or may not be completely obsessed and thinking about seeking out therapy.  Just sayin'.

Everything else in life has been awesome this past week.  My cute family and I went hiking on a new trail down in Kannarraville UT where we walked through freezing cold water to find some slot canyons...we were unsuccessful because our dogs were SO HOT...and I got a sunburn.  Seriously I have never been so pale until I moved here to the Western US it is annoying as shit.  And I'm too cheap to go buy a tanning membership so I'll probably just deal with it...sad day.

                                          Becky & I pre-hike....#BAM

We got our yard all done even though I hate the landscaper and he did a shitty job I just want to be all done with him.

OHHHHHHH and I painted our entry way table (DIY post coming soon) Becky built a fun bookshelf for our office, and we organized our garage and Becky put together our squat rack and all of our weights so I can get my sweat on in our garage!!!!  My bootcamp is over and I am going to hold off on starting crossfit for a couple of weeks because I will be out of town a ton! 

Anyway that is my Monday update!  More tomorrow....

Laters Baby!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Have you any wool?

Wow y'all so today has been quite a doozie.  I woke up with a massive right brain freaking idea why, maybe the wine from last night.  I havent been drinking much lately bc I'm on this slim down kick, but last night we went to our friend's house, Adam & Liz, and they made such a yumm-o dinner that wine just seemed perfect.  Grilled chicken, grilled veggies and 2 different salads...I was stuffy puffy by the time I licked my plate clean...embarrassing fatso!  Anyway I woke up today and went hiking with my fam fam up the was GORG!!!! 

So I was a little late for work bc I got home and had to finish packing for my conference tomorrow, shower, eat etc...went to starbucks for a quick pick me up and this is what i saw.....

That's right...there are some mother effin sheep just cruising down the street!  HILAR on the MILAR! Where am I?????

Anyway...I'm not sure how my day could get any cooler...oh wait!!!!  Our sod is being delivered as I type and our back yard will be near finished today!  Ahhhhhh yippy skippy! 

Thats all for now...Happy Herding!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The beginning of me...

Hey y'all!  My first blog post is making me a little nervous.  I guess I can start with a little ditty about me: I left Texas 2 & 1/2 years ago for a big adventure in The Great West...dropped myself in the Southwest corner of Idaho.  What a wonderful place it turned out to be!!!!  The scenery was amazeballs and most of the people were too...I made some wonderful friends and memories.  My sweet little fam fam moved just a little south (like 5 hours south) to this quirky little place we call Southern Utah.  We started our migration in January 2012 and the whole gang reunited and we moved into our new house at the end of March!  Welcome to Cedar City, UT (for now)...

                                       This is my awesome little family hiking in Cedar City.