Monday, June 18, 2012

My face in a book...

Man I haven't posted in over a week...whoopsie.  Things have been cray cray for real.  I went to a work conference last weekend and when I got back I spent the rest of the weekend reading all 3 books in the "Fifty Shades..." series.  Holy hell.  Let me tell you if you have NOT read them: stop everything this minute and either get your ass to a book store or download them on your favorite digital device.  Not only it is ...ummm...extremely naughty (and we all have an inner goddess that is thinking/doing all of these things) but it is also super funny, intense, and a total mind fuck!.  I LOVE IT! So I'm reading them again.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Seriously the shit is legit....and I may or may not be completely obsessed and thinking about seeking out therapy.  Just sayin'.

Everything else in life has been awesome this past week.  My cute family and I went hiking on a new trail down in Kannarraville UT where we walked through freezing cold water to find some slot canyons...we were unsuccessful because our dogs were SO HOT...and I got a sunburn.  Seriously I have never been so pale until I moved here to the Western US it is annoying as shit.  And I'm too cheap to go buy a tanning membership so I'll probably just deal with it...sad day.

                                          Becky & I pre-hike....#BAM

We got our yard all done even though I hate the landscaper and he did a shitty job I just want to be all done with him.

OHHHHHHH and I painted our entry way table (DIY post coming soon) Becky built a fun bookshelf for our office, and we organized our garage and Becky put together our squat rack and all of our weights so I can get my sweat on in our garage!!!!  My bootcamp is over and I am going to hold off on starting crossfit for a couple of weeks because I will be out of town a ton! 

Anyway that is my Monday update!  More tomorrow....

Laters Baby!

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