Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 days of October...why not

I simply have nothing else to do that is important.  So here we are in October and yesterday was Day 1!  I have decided that I am throwing the gauntlet down on this month and I'm going get myself well acquainted with my willpower.

People do challenges all the time and it seems to work for some people (please let me be some people).  I have the long"er" term goals (like the halfie with my bestie in March, bathing suit by Christmas, the ability to wear cute snow clothes) and I am constantly looking for motivation and I am constantly falling off the wagon for whatever reason (mostly when I go out of town and eat like a 400lb man).  Nevertheless I am going to prove to myself that I can smack October's ass and own it Christian Grey style.

***sidebar*** I am surrounded by awesome people and awesome talent...some of this talent is in the form of 18-22 year old college soccer players (whom I adore as if they were my little sisters) and I think they are reaching this mental block of sorts...struggling to win, struggling to want to win, struggling to be better, struggling to believe in themselves.  So maybe if I can do something hard and win...they will see that they can do anything.  Meh whatever I'm probably smoking the reefer making shit up and they are probably fine.  I LOVE over analyzing situations.  ANYWHOOOOO
Day 1 ... not so much my bitch but more of a friend I drink tea with

Here is my Plan:
Workout for 31 days straight
On every 7th day rock hard and do a 2-a-day
Only be a booze hound 2 days a week instead of 7 days a week
Craft up some halloween shit
Watch a scary movie during the day
Put eye cream on my wrinkles every night
(its a start)

Peace and grease respect concrete


  1. I'm down with your plan except for the scary movie part...I do not enjoy those.

  2. Girl me either...that is why it is on the list. I am going to beat the scary movie in the face . #word