Friday, October 5, 2012

Random and a little stalker-esque

Here we are October workout today is supposed to be cross train for 30 minutes...easy enough and a 4 mile run tomorrow morning.  Yowza!!  Becky and I have family coming in town all weekend and my usual M.O. is to wake up, play with kids, make pancakes or something fatty similar, relax and have fun.  This workouts are a priority:)  YAY!!!

Before I move on and ramble any further let me just tell you about my run on day numero tres (that is number 3 for those of you who are not as exceptionally bilingual as yours snaptastic maybe I'm trilingual)  By now everyone in the world has probably heard of CrossFit (click here)...they have an annual competition where teams and individuals from ALL OVER EARTH compete to see who is "The Fittest in the World".  It's totally cray cray.  Last year Becky and I went to watch the regional competition that leads up to the "actual" show down.  **rando thought: I love doing Crossfit and it is way way fun and challenging, but I am nowhere even close to being in the same universe as some of these people. They are actually SUPER HUMAN LEGITZVILLE CITIZENS**  Okay back to the point.  So we have friends in Salt Lake City who own Ute CrossFit (click here) Bobbie and Tommy are so hard core that I kinda want their autographs.  Just Sayin.  Ute had a team (of 6 people) that went to the Crossfit Games....and these fools WON the show.  Not only did they win, they owned it, slapped it's ass, tied it up and killed it.

I watched it on tv while eating candy ... fuck I'm lazy.

Here is Hacks Packs.  The fittest in THE WORLD!!!

Hacks Pack...what do you even say about their awesomeness?  They are regular people with a lot of shit to do...on top of already being busy having lives, families, jobs etc they also made time to train.  So what's my excuse?  I just want to lose a few ell bees.  These folks right here...I mean I am lits with out words.  They are awe-inspiring.  You get the mother effing point, right?

Well 2 of the people on this team live here in Cedar City (yep we have famous people up in hurra)  1- Michael Cazayoux: strength trainer and bad ass mofo.  I was so pumped the day I got to meet him.  He probably thought I was a fucking hot mess.  Meh who cares right?  I am a hot mess:)  and 2- Erin Bennion: Nurse, mom of 3, wife.  Damn.  I haven't met her yet but I can't wait to meet her.

Now insert stalker-esque situation (I swear I'm not really a stalker...I just am really good at research) I know what car Erin drives because she has a Ute Crossfit sticker on the window **insert stalker music **

Here is the story (owie I am a cramp in my hand from typing!!!) I went running on my 3 miler and I was going on my usual beginning route.  All of a sudden I see a car donning the amazeballs Ute Crossfit sticker.  A second before I saw the sticker I thought "self we are fucking tired let's walk" BUT then the sticker showed up.  It was like a sign....from Bobbie or Tommy, or Michael, or T-Rich, or Erin, or Adrian, or Mary, or Booty, or Becky, or Mandi, or Liv...I mean lets be serious my list of awesome Ute Crossfitter friends (and not yet friends) is long and distinguished (like my Johnson...Top Gun anyone?).  As I was running....tired....wanting to stop...gasping for air(only bc I'm a heavy hippo) I suddenly got a power surge.  A surge to not stop and to just keep going.  Mostly because I didn't want one of the WORLD'S FITTEST PEOPLE to see me walking (even though she doesn't know me and probably wouldn't have noticed) but on the off chance she looked in her rear view mirror and saw a short chubby girl running she would have maybe said "good for her".

So I ran. And I finished. I only stopped 1 time!  That is such a big deal for me, and at one point I was running I couldn't believe I hadn't walked yet.  I went 1.32 miles before I walked, and when my watch said 1.37 I started running again. 

That is my direct motivation from a seriously indirect source. And maybe one day I will get to do a Crossfit workout with 1 or 2 of the World's Fittest.

What makes you stronger?


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