Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10k Slam Dunk City - Michael Jordan Style

Sorry i should have wrapped this up yesterday but I was busy looking at flight combinations for Thanksgiving.  Seriously I should have bought a ticket last week but I didn't and now they are $100 more expensive...#Sandy's fault.

BTW ***shout out to my East Coast family*** (i could go into a serious rap session right now)  My fam on the East Coast got mega slammed and I am so so sad for them.  But come on y'all they are New Yorkers...New Yorkers get shit done and they aren't scared of anything. There was an evac order and my peeps just chilled and gave Sandy the finger.  HA!  Love them.  If you can PLEASE donate to the Red Cross, and also check on Facebook for a group called Rockaway Relief (click here)  they are out there hustling and can get you any information you need so you can help too. Below are pictures my cousin Colin took.
Rockaway beach *photo credit Colin feeney
Rockaway *personal photo from Colin Feeney
*personal photo from Colin Feeney

Anyway back to my tiny rant about Thanksgiving and ticket prices...oh and the lack of a dog sitter.  This means that the possibility of me being alone with 3 dogs for Thanksgiving this year is about 85%.  If this does in fact happen I will have to figure out how to make the most of it by consulting my friend pinterest.  Maybe I will come out with some bad ass recipes and DIY work.

I can total cook this up!

As you know I randomly decided I was going to run in a 10k even though I was sure I was not prepared.  It was one of those arguments I always have with myself that goes like this "I want to (insert here)" and then I do NOTHING.  So I want to lose weight...do nothing.  I want to run a 10k...do nothing.  I want to hang decorations in the house...do nothing.  You get the idea.  Well at some point in the last couple of months I guess I was sick of doing nothing.  Mostly because the people closest to me have become pretty verbal about my "doing nothing" ... it is not only  "I am capable of this" self chatter, but it is also a "eat shit"  "watch me" moment to everyone else.

**drum roll please**

I slam dunked that 10k like it was a full time job! 


My race day started like this:
5:45 - wake up and get ready
6:00 - eat breakfast
6:30 drink coffee, hope for a #2, leave to drive to Zion
7:30 - arrive at Zion, get race packet
7:45-9am look through race packet, people watch, freak out about people I'm watching because they are wearing running skirts/tights, get nervous, almost drive away, see someone I know, go potty, stand around the starting line area...all while having inner monologue that went like this "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING???? GO HOME!!!!!!"
 9:00 - race begins...sigh this isnt so bad

Let me tell you!  The course was mostly flat, some down hill spots and some uphill spots...but 100% beautiful.  After mile 1 was confused because it went by pretty quickly (thank you scenery) and thought "hmmm not bad" Mile 2 was a little harder ... people would pass me and I would pass other people (every time I passed someone I said "kill" in my head ... ya know like real runners do) then right at mile 3 we were running down this street to cross a bridge and go "off road" I see the MOST AMAZEBALLS THING EVER!!! A guy sitting in a camping chair in his driveway...he has a table laid out with a box of donuts, a bottle of jack, a miller light, and an AMP.  It was as if some higher power was calling out to me, this man wearing a camo ball cap was a gift to me with all of my favorite things (and trust me if I was into dudes I would have stopped running immediately and married him) but instead of enjoying the bliss that would be donuts and Jack Daniels for breakfast I kept on truckin'. Crossed a nice little bridge, took a gross picture of myself, got to the aid station at 3.1 miles drank some water and took off again.  At this point I had to stop and take my jacket off because I was getting warm...I was so mad at myself for leaving the aid station before removal of the jacket because it was bugging me for the next 3.1 miles.
Some of my journey

Mile 4 came and went, and I spotted "grey tank top" I wanted to pass her so bad....I knew it couldn't be done because she was too far, but for the rest of the race I kept her in my sight....I couldn't lose "grey tank top"(...also wearing stretchy pants and hot pink shoes).  I would take pics as I ran, sing along with my awesomesauce playlist and then...it happened.  Somewhere around mile 5 I forgot what I was doing...autopilot/runners high...whatever the hell its called.  It was bliss.  Total bliss.  The second I realized what I was doing I just kept saying "holy shit I'm a runner" "OMFG I can't believe I'm a freaking runner" "this is so awesome I'm a runner bitches"  things of that sort.

I looked at the ol' Garmin and saw 5.65 and COULD.NOT.BELIEVE I was so close to being done.  Then I see people running towards me and I said "you guys running back...high five" put my hand up and they totally dissed me...jerks.  The the girl yelled back "we can't find the finish line" and I thought "wow you are stupid my watch says its in .5 miles".  And my watch was correctomundo!!!  I rounded the mountain corner and BOOM there she was...***Inner monologue***  Holy Mother of Chocolate Chip Cookies I can see it!!!  I am so close, I looked at my watch 1:06....I have 6 minutes to get there to beat the time I set of 1:12.  Holy shit I'm closer than I thought....1:07.......OMG OMG OMG KELLY CLARKSON!!!!!!! 1:08...tears welled up in my eyeballs...shit don't cry you will trip because you can't see!!!!  I crossed the finish line at 1:09.  I was so happy I could not stop smiling.  I pretended I had fans cheering for me holding up signs with fun sayings about how awesome I am...you know the usual.  Then I realized I was all by myself and went to get a water and a banana. *shrugs shoulders* whatever...don't steal my thunder.

My journey has just begun and it is already so amazing.
Set a goal...make it real...and go out there and BLOW THAT SHIT UP!

Laters Baby;)

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  1. Best Blogpost. Ever. So proud of my BFF. Next time, I will be right there with ya and holding that sign :)