Monday, November 19, 2012

Information barf!!!!

First and foremost Happy Monday!!!!!!!  Actually scratch that...Mondays suck.  Happy Thanksgiving week!!!!!  There is so much information to spit out and I am too excited to concentrate...

A) Had a Twilight marathon at my house this weekend with mi amiga Liz and on Sunday for breakfast we had Edward we went and watched Breaking Dawn 2.  It. Was. Amazeballs.  Liz drooled over Jacob's abs and I spent a significant amount of time wondering where Kristen Stewart got her eyelash extensions done because they looked...WOW.

B) I am down 2 lbs from last week! What What holla! *throws head back "yeeeow"

C) I got some great deals on clothes this weekend, but I am mostly excited about my new shoes...Mizuno Wave Riders!  Hello when I tried them on in the store IT.WAS.MAGICAL. and then I ran around Dick's like a looney...but I don't cuuuuuuuur.

Top left: Awesome Tea cup, Top right : Me, Liz, Bella, Edward and Jacob (I look a little rough) and Bottom: My new Mizunos...thumbs up bro
D) We are leaving for California on Wednesday for the weekend!!!  We have family dinner at Uncle Tom & Aunt Terry's house which will be so much fun...they know how to host and never disappoint.  Great food, great wine, and tons o fun people!  Becky will be working Fri-Sun so thats the point where I get to go explore SOLO-RIDA style.  I plan on doing some beach runs, margarita drinking and pedicure happenings...follow me on instagram because I know you want to stalk me are curious about my rand-O life.

E) BTW this is the best part of my life to date week thus far.  Let me start by saying a few things.  You might believe in God, Budda, Joseph Smith, Hello Kitty, GI Joe, or maybe nothing...but when the stars start to line up and things fall into is a strange funny exciting feeling.  The story goes like this...I LOVE DISNEY WORLD.  I mostly love all things Disney because I am a princess and I love sparkles (yes I am 32 no I don't care what you think).  So I started running and got in my mind I wanted to do a half and really started working on it.  I selected the Disney Princess 1/2 because for years and years every month I would look at my Runner's World magazine and see people running looking like princesses and shit...and I always wanted to do that.  So I went to the website to sign up (months ago) and it was SOLD OUT!!! I cried.  (yes I am 32 no I don't care what you think) Then I watched the highlight video and I was crying because it was such a happy video...and then I giggled because my friend Natalie used to carry her Disney entrance ticket in her wallet (yes we were in college no she doesn't care what you think either) and she used to tear up talking about Disney and how it was the Happiest Place on Earth (please ask any of our friends this is all true)  Anyway...I also wanted to go on a Caribbean vacation over Christmas with my lady friend Becky because we NEVER just go on a vacation that is just us...for fun.  It's always soccer or family and guaranteed mega stressful.  I am leaving out some important information about Natalie **she is also an inspiration for my Success class I teach and I tell her story every Monday to new students so I will also tell you in another blog post because her story is super worth it and we go way back and I love her** Natalie is a DJ on the radio in Tulsa...for a morning show (she is like famous pretty much...and she is my friend...waaaahoooo)  This morning I got out the shower and looked at my phone "Text message from Natalie" and I got really nervous because it was kind of I started sweating and read the message (btw we call each other stinky...its a long story and has to do with a babysitting gig we had in college)"Hi Stink.  Would you be interested in going on a free Disney cruise?"  MOTHER FUCKER WHAT?????!!!!!!!!  *bow chika wow wow* ---->>>> happy dance happy dance shimmy shimmy shake.  High kick and spin...into a right herkie, left herkie, front hurdler, clap clap, upper V, back tuck!  ***all in my bathroom by the way***
Nat hanging with some friends...aka Lady Antebellum

Compliments of K95 Tulsa (click here)
And please look up Cash & Carey (click here) I will write an entire blog post just about Natalie someday...but for now just check her out on the interwebs!

So I am beyond excited OBVI!!  I basically won a they are giving a trip away:)

Planning on a link up tomorrow with the gorgeous Melanie at 4Kottez Runs IT (click here)

And for all you veteran smarty bloggie people I know...I am very sorry for the amateur hour that is happening with my day I will hire someone to make my blog awesome...or blawesome...hahaha  okay sorry I'm hungry...

Ciao Bella


  1. Congrats on those ell beesss!! Way to go! LOVED LOVED LOVED Breaking Dawn 2. My favorite of them all. I actually like Stewart this time around. the men never dissapoint, let's be real haha! Happy Thanksgiving Week!!!!!!!

  2. I want to go see the movie again...and again and again...sigh