Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Driving Miss Daisy in a Minivan

Wow...can I just say that I left for California a week ago, got back on Sunday night and I am still tired!!!!  How is this even possible?


I will never drive to San Diego again.  Even though it is only 8 hours I don't care.  Driving sucks.  Delta is my friend and I like flying with friends.

Becky was very excited about our rental.  She LOVES minivans
Wednesday: Okay we arrived in San Diego around 11pm, checked into our friend Marriott, and crashed on impact.  Oh yeah...It took 2 bellhop carts to get our crap in the room, and nevermind that it was just Becky and I...2 girls and one of us is so teeny that she is like half a person, and since you know I am on a weight loss adventure we can go ahead and assume I am not talking about me.

Thursday: We woke up to go for a run on the beach, as we were getting ready I got side tracked by the parade.  As I was standing DIRECTLY infront of the TV smiling with a sparkle in my eye LIKE A TOTAL IDIOT Becky just stared at me asking several times "ummm do you want to go?"  I wanted to respond "Does it look like I want to go?" but i didn't want my smart mouth to ruin Thanksgiving so I just whipped my head around, blinked a couple of times with a blank stare, turned back to the TV and continued smiling.  Finally we left and went running, then running took a little longer than we planned and we rushed back to the hotel to rinse and change because we were headed to Oceanside to see Grandpa Max, Uncle Brian and Uncle Scott (aka Gourmet Gibbs) to play a quickie round of golf, helped a little with the creation of the Green Bean yummmm-o casserole, and then we were off to the hotel to get ready for the dinner.  It was a blast!!!!! And if you follow me on any social networking site you probably saw that Uncle Scott beat me in a Gobble off...and I am totally okay with it because he is a major bad ass.

Bunch of Pics of our fun run!
On our way to dinner
A combo of pics from golfing with the boys and helping cook

Cocktails on the deck before dinner...they are silly

With our prizes from the Gobble off!

Black Friday Awesome Mistake: After a couple of bottles of Champagne, a couple of bottles of wine, and some food we set off back to the hotel...and then we spotted a "Best Buy" sign lit up so we thought...meh we want a new TV, we drove so we could get a new TV....and a new TV was what we got.  It's bigger than our old house.  We sat in line for 2 hours outside, stood in another line inside for 2 hours, and finally got the TV and got back to the hotel at 2:30am.  NEVER. AGAIN.  I love shopping yall, but I hated shopping after that.  *I sat and wept a little and then wanted to comfort myself with a chocolate shake*
Took a freezing booze nap in Best Buy line waiting for our big ol TV.  Now the room doesn't look so giant

Friday: Becky worked at 7:30am - 9:00pm and I watched TV and bought some Legos.

Saturday: Becky worked from 7:30am -10:00pm, I went for a run, went to the hospital to see my friend who had a Lupus flair up, went and saw my God Son, drove Becky to a couple of different fields, (I was driving Miss Daisy all mother effin weekend), drove a ways to pick up Liz (yes my friend Liz from Utah) so we could FINALLY have a drink and some Mexican food (we only ate chips and salsa but whatever), got back to the hotel at about 11:30pm.

Sunday: Took Becky to the soccer fields at 7:30am and went back to the hotel to pack our room and our car. NEVER.AGAIN.  I will straight up pay the bell hop to do that shit next time I have to do it alone.  Went and picked up Becky and then went to my friend Stephanie's house so Becky could meet Stephanie and Sean.  (Stephanie is my long time friend of almost 30 years) Then we left.

I drove. Becky slept.  (every time I drive she sleeps but when she drives I stay awake and chat with her so she doesn't get sleepy) Grrrrrrrrrr.  So I found a comedy channel on Pandora and listened to it for 8 hours.  Go. Now. Download it.  HILARIOUSNESS ON HIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH! (insert singing voice here)

I'm still tired.

The End.

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  1. I LOVE YOUR THOUGHTS! So happy to hear about Becky and all the boys too. xoxo Peedee