Tuesday, September 4, 2012

California Wrap up

Welcome back to the real world.  What an asshole.  Seriously I wish I could stay on perma vacay and just eat, drink, follow my favorite soccer team, and get tan.  Hmmm yeah that sounds nice.  I went ahead and didn't count any calories, didn't give a crap what I put in my mouth, boozed with my favorite friend, cheered (loud) for my favorite soccer gals, and hung with my super cute fam.

I got on the scale this morning and it said pretty much exactly what I thought it would say "ONE AT A TIME" so I ignored that bitch and got in the shower and got ready for work.  Back to the running and the routine I like to call life.  I think some good stuff is going to happen this week!

Here are some pics from the vacation.
Welcome to California!!!!!
Here is my road trip buddy Liz with the world's best margarita!!!
Why Yes we did stock up on some 2 BUCK CHUCK!!!!
1st stop in Mesquite, NV and Liz made $1 into $2.75!  YAY!!!! Winning!
2nd stop was in Primm, NV.  Liz & I showed great restraint.
No bigs a cool 100+ degrees only allowed for 1 hour at the pool. DYING!
Liz and I made tshirts!  Liz is the creative genius behind the design and she is currently thinking of giving up her career as a Physical Therapist to open up a tshirt shop!
Things got weird.

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