Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dog Daze....

A few posts ago i may have mentioned that one of my 3 precious dogs ATE A DOOR!  Well I figured today would be a good day to give all of my lovely readers an update on The Zoo known as My House.  Now, some readers know my dogs and some do not so I would like to spend a quick moment to do some introductions.

Hi my name is Gibson I am with my mom in this picture.  I just turned 10, I like long hikes in the mountains, eating snow and ruining doors during thunderstorms.

Hi my name is Berin.  I just turned 8.  I like to chew on Gibson's ears (mostly because my mommies don't like it), I love farting, eating and speaking with a French accent. name is JoJo.  I just turned 5 and my mommies forgot my birthday.  I was born in a puppy mill and therefore I have minor brain damage.  I am special. I like to do weird things like nap on Berin's feet.
Hi...we are Tracey (left) and Becky (right) we try to hold the fort down as best we far the dogs are winning.

Okay so now you have met the crew.  I feel it is necessary to give a little back story with storms so maybe you can see why we don't get mad about out house being ruined every other day.

Once upon a time in an enchanted forest near Pocatello, Idaho a cute little family was hiking in the mountains.  On their way back to the car a mean old thunderstorm came rumbling over the mountain tops so Becky (above photo right side) did what any protective mother would do...she took cover with the 3 boys.  She turned around and noticed Gibson was GONE....she gasped and feared she had lost him.  It was a terrible afternoon.  Tracey raced to the trail head to meet Becky and the other 2 boys and they were frantically looking for Gibson.  He was nowhere to be found.  The girls called out to the Scotland Yard of Pocatello and all of their friends came running to help.  People were driving, speeding, and calling everywhere for Gibson.  Becky got a phone call from her mom (who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah) and mom said Gibson was locked in puppy jail!!!  HE WAS AT THE POUND!!!  Tracey (me...above left) got a call from Becky (it went something like this) "GIBSON IS IN DOGGIE JAIL MEET ME THERE YOU ARE CLOSER".  Tracey raced to the pound and... *dum dum dum* THEY WERE CLOSED!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Tracey banged on the door until a mean old lady answered and wouldn't let Tracey take Gibson!!!  The cries and screams were coming from around the corner and Tracey could tell that it was Gibby Bendenz (Gibson's nickname).  She begged and begged the old lady and told her she would do anything to get him out!  So Tracey paid the lady $96 for Gibsons stay in doggie jail!  He was shoved in a corner kennel in the dark and had no food!  He was so sad when Tracey arrived!  He bolted past Tracey because at that moment his mommy Becky had arrived!  We went home and all was right in the world....

Until the next storm came and this is what happened...
He was trying to get into our room and take cover

Poor puppy pants

yes...yes that is blood

So basically that's the kind of business that goes down in Casa de Hogan-Gay.  Isn't it the saddest thing you have ever in your whole life seen??????  Sigh*  I love those destructive damn dogs.  Okay gotta get ready to shut down this classroom full of students so I can get home and pack for my vacation!  Whoop!  CALIFORNIA HERE I COME!!!!

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