Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Get in where you fit in


Okay so I totally get that what the scale says is a complete reflection on the hard work I have put in and the food that goes in my mouth.  But everyday sometimes I just want froyo, hot tamales, or booze...YES I LOVE WINE. Oh and there is the occassional bad day that I think can ONLY be cured with a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a side of ranch!  Could I be any more disgusting?  Really. 

I wake up everyday and empty my tank then stand on the scale (imagining a world where bacocheez yum burgers make people skinny) and *news flash* THEY TOTALLY DON'T! At any rate I get on the scale praying it either says the same thing it did the day before or went down a couple of ounces.  Truth be told...I just can't do that anymore.  I want to see a difference of pounds not ounces (down not up).  So the only way I can make sure I enjoy my occasional wine night, margarita, or fun to crank up the cardio and eat in moderation. (aka snack on carrots instead of hot tamales)

Yesterday I went for a run, a run I decided I will do until I don't have to walk and then I will add distance, but my run was interupted by this cute little lost dog that was chasing me came on a jog with me, but I decided to stop and call his owner and make sure he made it safely home.  So In order to make sure I had enough time to shower and not look like a homeless person for an athletics event/dinner I had to cut the mileage short.  The short cut was up a huge hill...and all I could think was "Come on Tracey make it up the hill to the sign and don't have an asthma attack because your inhaler is at home and nobody will save you"  and WHAT WHAT IN THA BUTT I MADE IT UP THE HILL.  Accomplishment for the day done.  The rest of the run home was easy peasy from there.

Anywho...back to the scale.  Today it reported 173.6.  I am so close to 160's I can taste it.  In order to spike up my cardio I think I am going to join my friend Liz and go play pick up soccer twice a week...ya know because I can.  

The big slap in the face I got was yesterday when I was looking at some photos from family vacation.  Okay I totally understand that my flowered blouse was not the best choice...but why am I bigger than the preggo lady?  My belly is all poking out and my ass is giant. It was the first time that I saw a picture of myself and really wanted to bawl my effin face off.  Ever get to a point where you think...what the hell did I do?  More like what the hell didn't I do...the answer was eat right and workout enough.  Its funny because I always think I work so hard and eat well.  yeah check these photos out and you will think  "uhhh she works out?  hahahahaha"  *i thought that too
far left is me fat ass lady.

Please note belly poking out

There are so many things wrong with this I don't know where to start.

 Anyway, I will try and update you throughout this amazeballs Labor Day weekend.  My friend Liz and I are going to Riverside California to cheer on our favorite soccer team! We will most likely eat, drink and be merry.  I'm bringing a bathing suit but wont take off my cover up...(please see pictures above).  I will be running every day to make sure my scale goes down.  Next week I want 160's BAD.  So my floppy hat and I will holla at cha laters baby.

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