Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crafty? Si...crafty!!!

There are so many cute decorating ideas in the world and so many cool places to shop that have fun, colorful, recycled furniture.  I decided that instead of spending the money on buying cool new stuff I would spend LESS money to redo the stuff I already have! BAM!  Coll stuff getting cooler!

So we have these old funky tables that are white (legs) and light wood (tops) and they are SO 1998!  And I want some color and spice in my new house!!! 

Items I used:
(all bought at Home Depot)

100 grit & 120 grit sand paper discs (I used a sander rather than sheets because doing it manually would have sucked major balls)
2 cans of black spray paint (I used Rustoleum)
Can of paint (your brand and color favorite - I bought semi-gloss)

Here is the before pic.
Just sand lightly to get the finish coat off and then clean with a wet towel and let dry.
As soon as that was all dry I spray painted the table with a black paint.  You can use any color underneath that you want, but I wanted a black "peek-a-boo" I went with it.   
  ***before we go any further please know I have never done this before and I have zero training in design, furniture or fashion*** 

Here is another pic of the black base layer:

And here is my finished product.  I used the mini brush to paint the corners and little crevices and the mini roller to paint on the AWESOME green!!!  I did 2 coats because the first coat looked like shit.  And I probably could have done 3 coats but I liked it where we landed.  After this paint is dry you can use a polyurethane to complete your look, and use a sheet of 120 grit sand paper to sand off the edges and little "wear" areas to give it a sweet vintage look.

So again, I would like to remind you that this is my first DIY blog post and I have already identified areas of improvement, I have never done any training in the area of decorating, painting, sanding, cutting, fashion, ummm.....etc etc.

I do get on pinterest daily and therefore feel like I am semi-qualified to be an amateur blogger.

Thank you all...and good night!

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