Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Panties in Twist

Seriously people.  I have no clue what the eff my problem is but I am in a major funk-di-fied mood lately.  I literally want to eat every bad thing on the planet and all gross bad food sounds lit amazeballs.

Soccer season is upon us and maybe that's partially why.  I wish I could be in school and have a better paying job at the same time (btw neither of the previously stated things are happening).  My gym and head trainer are getting on my last effin nerve. The weather here is sucking so many over sized balls its not even close to funny and one of my dogs ACTUALLY ate a door. 

This makes me giggle

I just needed to do a little bitty vent situation so I could clear my head:) Thanks for listening to mini bitch fest 2012.

Tonight I'm going to get my butt kicked at crossfit, make something delish for dinner, do a facial treatment, drink a glass or wine and watch Dallas on my DVR.

Hmmmmmm that sounds nice:) Maybe I will go get a tanning membership today!!!

Hello I do have good news that was being clouded by my rainstorm of grumpiness!!!!  My friends Suzzie and Ashley are coming to visit me!!!!!  I cannot believe it is going to happen I am so excited. (they will be buying their tickets tomorrow) so I'm trying not to get too excited because as Suzzie would say "I don't want to set myself up to be sad" but for real yall...I couldn't be more excited to have visitors!!!

Here they are!  Giving each other a high five at the bar ya know...because they are so excited to see me:)

I cannot wait to start planning the awesomeness that will be happening.  I see lots of hikes, lots of fun, and possibly a beer pong tournament in our future!  BAM#

***My mood has significantly changed...thank ya mucho!***

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