Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh Yo Oh Yo...Catch this....

Fifty bucks grandpa, for seventy-five, the wife can watch.  I do not know why Pretty Woman is stuck in my head right now, but I am fairly certain that I need to start collecting DVD's of all my favorite movies that I still have on VHS...converting them seems like a hassle and since I am addicted to spending money a money saving machine I am sure I can find them on discount somewhere.

Anywhooooooooo the time has come...people today is such a big day for me.  I left Texas about 2.5 years ago and since I left NOT.A.SINGLE.PERSON has come to visit me (*whispering not even my mom).  Sad right? I know I hurts my feel bads sometimes but no more! I will not sit around and sulk any longer.  Reasoning: it just makes me angry.  And angry is so fugly.  Fast forward to Happy Tracey

My friends Suzzie and Ashley are coming tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!  Remember when I wrote the post Panties in a Twist???  Well I never did a follow up post because I have been too excited that they are coming.  I thought about it every single day since August 15th!!! Seriously I have menu's planned out, hiking everyday, and the house is going to be coming down!  I'm pumped (not sure that Becky is ready for this)  At any rate I am excited and will have a fantastic update on their trip with pics an all.

Here is our mock itinerary:
Hike Kannaraville Falls
Soccer Game
Hit 1 of the only 2 bars in town

 Hike Cedar Breaks Spectra Point Overlook
Soccer Game
Game Night
Beer Pong Tournament

ZION (enough said)
Oscar's for a late lunch
Cowboys game and fun times at the casa

Hike Kolob Canyon Double Arches
hang out
they leave:/

I get to hike, chill, break bread and drink wine with some of my favorite peeps!!!

Later Lovers....

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